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This is our story.

Our story

Lexly was founded in 2004 by entrepreneurs with a background in the financial and legal industries in order to solve a pervasive problem - the law is far too complicated. The question that motivates the Lexly team is, how do we leverage technology and a passion for our customers to make something that is complicated and exclusive become understandable and accessible to everyone?

As pioneers, Lexly challenged the legal industry and was the first company in Europe to create a sustainable platform for digital law. Using our platform, individuals and companies can quickly find out what services they need and why. Legal services don´t get easier than that. Customers can then meet their own needs using Lexly's digital tools, or they can smoothly connect with one of Lexly´s lawyers.

Today, Lexly is the leading digital legal player in Scandinavia. In collaboration with insurance companies, banks and a wide network of lawyers, we strive to help as many people as possible. Both private individuals and business owners can turn to Lexly with legal issues.

But really, it's not even about the law. It's about a sense of security and peace of mind. We are available when you, our customer, need us. 

It's law made easy.

Solve legal needs

Anytime and anywhere. Access to self-explanatory and affordable legal advice, services and products.

Easy access to lawyers

Expert advice available via phone, video, chat or physical meetings at the customers convenience.

Transparent pricing

Our technology enables us to offer better and more transparent prices. Customers always know the cost in advance.

Quality assurance

Efficient and standardized work-flows guarantee the quality and overall experience of our legal services and products.